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Whenever something new comes along we do well to examine it in the light of God's Word. This is certainly the wise thing to do as we consider the ramifications of the cashless / RFID economic system, which is already well on its way to being fully implemented.

I have written at length how this technology has enabled man, for the first time in history, to create an economic system wherewith all buying and selling can be completely controlled.

Looking at the development of the cashless / RFID system of currency and inventory control in the light of the Bible allows us to see the very real, and almost certain, possibility that this system will be the fulfillment of the Scriptures that tell us of the "mark of the beast" (Revelation chapter 13, verses 16-18). There are doubters however, who believe that man, being inherently good, will use this technology only for the good of all.

Again, we ought to examine all things, including the opinions of man, in the light of God's Word if we want to know the truth.

There are many passages in God's Word that come to mind when I have to answer those who want to believe that deep down inside we are all basically "good". One statement we find in Jeremiah chapter 17 and verse 9 says "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?". When we consider this verse and others which speak to us of our natural depravity, and then add to it the verse that tells us, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" (I Timothy chapter 6, verse 10), we can understand how some will, no matter what the doubters may think, use this closed economic system to control, oppress, and even destroy their fellow man.

Indeed, the Holy Grail of tyrants is the ability to completely control others. While this has proven to be a task that cannot be accomplished with military or police powers, it can, and will, be done by controlling every individual's ability to buy and sell.

When cash (coins, paper money, and checks) is eliminated, and every man's wealth is stored in computers in the form of electronic ones and zeros, we will not be able to buy anything unless we please our masters. We will not be granted access to our "money" if our religion, political beliefs, race, etc., are not acceptable to those who will be the gatekeepers of the world's wealth.

An implanted microchip in the right hand or forehead will not only be used for the positive identification of every person on earth, but without it an individual will not be able to access their "money". They will not be allowed to buy or sell anything. One who refuses the implanted chip will be an economic non-entity.

With the further development of RFID technology we will soon see the day when every item that is produced or offered for sale will have a serial number. This will enable those who would rule over us to have an air-tight system of inventory control. How would this work? Well, with a record of all things that are available for consumption, items will be distributed only to those who are deemed "worthy" by the masters.

The ability to trace every item is essential for controlling the ability to sell. An item that has a serial number can be traced from the producer to the consumer. This all but eliminates the possibility of a black market. A black market cannot be tolerated because it might be used to supply life's basic necessities to those who refuse to submit.

If someone is found to possess an item that is not directly traceable to them, then they must answer to the authorities as to how they came to acquire it. "Did you steal it? Did you engage in bartering? Did someone give it to you? You know that all of these activities are forbidden."

If another individual's goods are scanned and they do not have in their possession an item that the system says they should, then they better be able to prove that they have not engaged in bartering, or that they have not given the item to one who has been declared an economic non-entity.

The cashless / RFID economic system will be the perfect weapon with which the oppressors will conquer and rule the world. It will also provide tyrants with the means by which they can reward their friends and destroy their enemies.

While I can see these things coming, I cannot stop them because God's Word says they must come to pass. Revelation chapter 1, verse 1 says "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John." Notice that the Word of God says "which must shortly come to pass". The Word says "must". There is no stopping them. I can't slow them down. I'm not even a speed bump.

My task, as I believe God has given it to me, is to warn Christians about what is coming so they might prepare. This New Economic Order is even at the door. Take heed.

If you are not saved, I tell you to search the scriptures so you might believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. If you believe that he died for your sins, and that he is risen again, you will be saved.

While I might err in my interpretation of the Scriptures, be assured of this, that every Word of God is true, and will be fulfilled exactly as written. - Pastor Guest

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